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15FeatureFeature RequestVery LowLowForumUnconfirmed
Task Description

I think it would be logical if the last message was displayed here, too, and not just on the side.

Also not working is the display of the online at forum.

14FeatureBug ReportVery LowLowUpdate errorResearching
Task Description

[2019-05-12 10:48:19] auto-update.NOTICE: Checking for a new update... [] []
[2019-05-12 10:48:19] auto-update.DEBUG: Get new updates from [] []
[2019-05-12 10:48:20] auto-update.ERROR: Could not download update "" via curl: SSL certificate problem: unable to get local issuer certificate! [] []
[2019-05-12 10:48:20] auto-update.ERROR: Could not download update file "" via curl! [] []


13FeatureBug ReportVery LowLowEdit PageImplemented
Task Description

When editing a page - changes are not saved.

12FeatureFeature RequestVery LowLowCharacter ServicesImplemented
Task Description
  • Character Faction change
  • Character Race change
  • Character Rename
  • Character Customize
  • Guild Rename (Guild Masters)


  • 1 = Rename
  • 8 = Customize
  • 64 = Faction Change
  • 128 = Race Change

Could be purchesed via store.

11Backend / CoreBug ReportVery LowLow[Store] CartImplemented
Task Description

When buying an item to the cart refreshes the store page

5FeatureBug ReportHighCriticalBug with the addition of subdomains.Researching
Task Description

I ignored the warning about adding one word and now I cannot delete the subdomain.

To prevent this from happening to other users, I think it would be more logical to prevent the input of commas and spaces in this function.

4Frontend / DesignBug ReportVery LowLowMissing button text on support page.Unconfirmed
Task Description
  • Where?
  • How? On the support page the green, orange, and red button is missing text?
  • Anythiny Else? I have included a pictire below.
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